VET WRAP - 4.5mt




Horses, being the athletes that they are, are bound at some stage in their lives to over exert themselves and suffer from a strain, sprain or general injury.

Vetrap Bandaging Tape is a reusable elastic bandage that stretches and sticks only to itself, not to hair or skin! No need for pins, clips or adhesive tape. Stays in place giving firm support. Cool, lightweight and comfortable, it is ideal as a work bandage, leg wrap, tail wrap or to hold dressings.

Beneficial for:

- All types of injuries requiring bandaging. - Work bandage. - Tail wrap. - To hold dressing s in place.

Why use Vetrap Bandaging Tape?

-  It does not stick to hair or skin - only sticks to itself. - No need for pins, clips or adhesive tape. - Comes in a large range of fun colours.

Vetrap is available in 10cm x 4.5m rolls stretched (2m unstretched).

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