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The new TuffRock + Phiten range of Titan products are impregnated with the revolutionary Aqua Titan technology. They have been designed for enhanced benefits compared to traditional straps and complement TuffRock’s unique product range


Research suggests that Phiten’s technology can help overcome disturbances in the nerve impulses, transmitted through neurons, which control the body’s muscles, joints and connective tissue. The research studies indicate Aqua metal in Phiten products can help:

•Enhance the speed of motor reflex that controls the body’s movement.

•Optimise tendon stiffness, which increases the storage and release of energy

•Maintain muscle-tendon function, spreading the load evenly, which helps reducing stiffness or tension, increase circulation and increase joint range of motion (flexibility)

•Improve economy - the amount of energy /oxygen needed for an activity

•Improve the body’s speed of recovery following strenuous work or exercise


TuffRock Titan Straps have been designed to support natural normal body movement when there is tension and pain in muscles, tendons or ligaments and can support the natural reduction of inflammation, swelling and stress that may cause joint pain.

Straps sizes are 28cm each and are ideal for long term use. The strong Velcro attachment allows the strap to be left on in both exercise and sports. The straps can be used around wrists or ankles.

The straps can be joined together in numerous combinations to address issues in other parts of the body, including waist and knees.

The size is 7cm x 28cm x 0.5cm   -Made in Japan-

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