Size: 1.8kg


The world’s first energized volcanic poultice for superior support

TuffRock Poultice is the first 100% all natural product in the world manufactured from molecular reinforced hydrated alumino-silicates..

Helps recovery from impact injuries, swelling, cuts & abrasions. Soothes and cools extremely quickly by instantly removing heat from damaged areas, reaching under the skin and providing relief to areas that need it most.

Apply a small amount to damaged area, step back and let the horse feel the soothing effect, then apply 5 – 7 mm thick to injured area, ensuring cover extends to at least 2 inches outside effected area.

Indicates rate of injury recovery and identifies problem areas simply by observing wet and dry patterns over a 45 minute period. Poultice remains damp longer on injured areas, non-injured areas dry normally.


  • Use daily for support or as required on any area including legs, lumbar, sciatic, shoulders, flanks, hamstring, metacarpal, pasterns, wind galls, allergies, and greasy heel.
  • Supports major wound healing (post operation), keeps flies off cuts and helps prevent proud flesh.
  • Provides simple fast relief for muscle, ligament or tendon strains and relieves itching from insects or allergic reactions.
  • Excellent support for racing, endurance, showjumping and polo.
  • Extra energy added for almost instantaneous action on swelling.
  • Easy to apply, sticks to injured areas, water-based for closer skin contact.
  • Fast removal, simply hose off, does not stick to bandages.
  • When used as a paint, problems areas remain damp to focus treatment.

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