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Rawhide Western Wear

A7562 - Stripe Shin Style Knee High Cushshin Sock

A7562 - Stripe Shin Style Knee High Cushshin Sock

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Shin Style is in a knee high sock. The protection area covers your shin.
Comes up to just below the knee. This Neon fits a little tighter than others
(Great for youth or smaller legs). CushShin Socks are a very comfortable and
protective Shin/Knee Guard Socks. Our material is very different than a pad.
It has extreme shock absorbing protection. It takes the impact out of hitting
the barrel.
Our special CushShin Material is melded into the sock, it's all one piece.
They don't make you feel hot and won't twist or fall down. Wear them discretely
under your jeans. So comfortable you'll forget your wearing them! These Shin Socks
will also fit youth. The natural gripping nature of our CushShin material keeps
the socks where you put them!


Care Instructions

Our CushShin Material is very durable. We recommend that you hand wash.      You can also wash in cold on a gentle cycle and hang dry. Every wash or every few washes, turn your socks inside out and apply corn starch to the CushShin material, to keep them soft. This will eliminate and tackiness. You can change the scent of your socks by applying your favorite essential oil to the CushShin material.

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