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Hyper Evaporationg Cooling Technology, perfect for every tack box. This unique product is designed to provide instant cooling for horse after riding, competing or resting from overheating allowing faster recovery.  

Perfect for Horses after work and long rides.

To Activate  20 degree instant coolness WET WRING AND SHAKE Towel ready to place on hind quarters, saddle area, top line or neck to reduce over heating and recover fast  easy first aid application for legs to reduce swelling  this product is to be used supervised

When travelling  pack Towel wet in reuse able bag  Perfect for saddle bag or tack box for fast access to cool your horse

EQUICOOL Equestrian TOWEL is soft and luxurious 2800x1400cm

UVA 15+. UVB 50+ protection


1400x700cm TOWEL SIZE FOR Horses

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