A7549 - Hide stubby Cooler



Boho, Western & Contemporary Glamour Stubby Cooler

100% leather hair on hide

Warm water and soap spot clean.

Allow to dry naturally in the shade is best to not fade

No chemicals to be used


Please Note: This photo shown are the exact coolers you will receive There will be variance in colour, shade and pattern sometimes -  These coolers are not man made they are 100% natural, & differently one of a kind.

Hides vary in pattern, shape, and colour slightly.

Differences in colour markings or slight discolorations on each cooler are natural and not to be thought of as a fault.

On coolers that are lighter colour particularly near the hind legs, some thinning may be visible as this is a naturally thinner area of a cow and not deemed a fault, as is a natural occurrence. 

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